Local December 12, 2017 | 7:47 pm

Venezuela opposition sees 114 freed after Dominican Republic talks

L. Florido

Caracas.- Venezuela’s opposition expects  the Nicolás Maduro Government to release 114 people as part of the talks from the list of 382 detainees whom the anti-Chavez considers “political prisoners,” once agreements are signed, EFE reports.

Deputy Luis Florido, one of the negotiators of the opposition Democratic Unity Table (MUD) made the announcement Tues.

The talks that started Dec. 1 in will continue in the Dominican Republic next Friday, but have yet to achieve a major breakthrough.

“From the list of 382 political prisoners we present (…) there are 114 that can be released in the days after the agreement is signed,” said the legislator during a meeting with members of the Foreign Press Association (APEX) in Caracas.

Florido said that among those 114 “political prisoners” figure 27 who require humanitarian action due to illness, 17 who have release orders that have been ignored by the penal authorities, “an important number that can qualify for precautionary measures (bail) and others that can have their penalty reduced.”

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