Local January 25, 2018 | 4:58 pm

Dominica or Dominican Republic? mysterious ships rendezvous

Tokyo.- A translation error on Wed. led to a reported rendezvous between a Dominican Republic-registry ship, which was actually from the island-country of Dominica, and a North Korean tanker, a situation that was denounced by Japan, EFE reports.

Tokyo told the UN yesterday that the Jan. 20 contact between North Korea ship, Rye Song Gang 1, and Dominica flag tanker, Yuk Tung, occurred in the East China Sea, in what they consider a possible contraband in violation of sanctions.

The statement from Japan’s Foreign Ministry specified that it was a ship from Dominica, but notes that the similarity with Dominican led the local media to interpret that it was a ship with Dominican Republic flag.

In a statement the Dominican Republic Foreign Ministry has denied such rendezvous.

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