Local April 6, 2018 | 8:02 pm

Drug ex-convict faces extradition to the US again

B. Guevara on plane to the US.

Santo Domingo.- The US seeks to extradite Bienvenido Guevara Díaz (Maconi), who was indicted for drug trafficking on the Kaluba ship, which brought  1,570 kilos of cocaine from Aruba.

It emerged that his extradition is being processed by the Justice Ministry, since he was convicted of drug trafficking by a federal court in Puerto Rico, where he spent 78 months in prison on a plea deal with US authorities.

In that case, Guevara was charged for his connection to the more than 105 kilos of drugs at Port of Haina, two years before the arrest of Army ex-captain, Quirino Paulino.

National District Attorney, Yeni Berenice Reynoso, who heads the investigation into the Kaluba case, said Guevara’s extradition is up to the Justice Ministry.

Dominican Republic had extradited Guevara to the US in 2009 in connection to Paulino’s drug trafficking network.

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