Local April 20, 2018 | 8:30 pm

Catholic Church slams Dominican Republic ‘sex paradise’ moniker

Santiago.- The Catholic Church magazine Camino, on Fri. criticized that the Dominican Republic is known abroad as a sexual paradise, affirming that such promotion is the “worst thing that can happen to the country.”

In its editorial “Poisonous currency” for  next Sunday’s edition, the church complains that the description  relegates the national tourist attractions.

Among Dominican Republic attractions Camino cites “hospitable and welcoming people, a nature full of beauty, mountains with a beautiful vegetation, rivers that sing en routed towards the sea, beaches that show their crystal clear waters to the world and that we enjoy a enviable weather.”

“It’s these and others are the reasons why the arriving visitor would like to remain here forever. These are the attributes that must be promoted abroad, to continue attracting new visitors,” it said.

That’s why it hurts Camino that “there are tourists who, when they arrive in the country, think that with their dollars or euros, they can turn the places of recreation into brothels.”

Camino calls sex tourism perverse and why the Catholic Church says it corrupts adolescents, “turning them into disposable objects, withering away their present and imprisoning their future.”

“The country loves and appreciates healthy tourism, which enriches the culture of our people and allows createing bridges of friendship.”

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