Local April 25, 2018 | 8:21 pm

Order of priests faces ‘death threats’ from mining companies

Helder Cámara

Santiago.- The Helder Cámara religious movement, which groups dozens of priests across the country, on Wed. said its members are seen as targets of insults, their dignity is violated and even face death threats from mining companies that seek to destroy natural resources.

In a statement signed by several of them, the priests warn they won’t be intimidated by the mining multinationals that aim to exploit Loma Miranda and other forested areas, since they have the courage and valor to stand firm.

“We have no fear, despite that media, economic and political powers that oppose them are monstrous, but we assume the defense of humanity, which increasingly understands that water is worth more than gold,” the prelates said.

The movement, which honors the Brazilian bishop who assumed a commitment with the poorest, adds that they’ve always confronted political, economic, social, racial and moral inequalities that affect the people.

“Aware that water is worth more than gold, while we breathe we will fight for generations to come, we will defend the true wealth of the poor, water, a healthy and clean environment, to produce the food that ensures the survival of all,” they said quoted by Listin Diario.

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