Local April 26, 2018 | 7:56 pm

Hurricane season to be more active than normal: experts

Hurricane Irma, storm-battered shack in Dominican Rep..

Santo Domingo.- With 36 days before the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, experts of the University of Colorado predict that this year’s will be more active than normal, with the formation of 14 named cyclones,  .

During the 2017 season, 18 cyclones were formed, of which 10 reached the category of hurricane with wind speeds over 117Kph, or 74Mph.

Among those that trekked through the Caribbean were Irma with wind speed over 270 kilometers per hour; José, higher than 210 kilometers per hour and María, over 280 kilometers per hour causing widespread damage in several islands, but devastated Puerto Rico.

Expert meteorologists Philip J. Klotzbach and Michael M. Bell added that of the named storms seven will reach hurricane category.

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