Local May 25, 2018 | 11:42 am

Dominican Republic should control its border with Haiti: EU deputy

Brussels. – European Union socialist deputy Ramón Jáuregui on Thur. suggested to the Dominican Republic to control its border with Haiti, to regulate the entry of undocumented migrants.

“The doors have to be regulated … the entrances and exits,” he said, and acknowledged the country’s problem with Haitian immigration.

The also president of the Delegation of the European Parliament in the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly noted that it would be achieved through cooperation agreements with the neighboring country, and establishing channels to identify an immigrant quota, because otherwise it could end up creating more problems than solutions.

New agreement

The also former Minister of the Presidency of Spain (2010-2011) urged the Dominican Republic to negotiate a new trade agreement with the European Union, but bilaterally.

He affirmed that the country would benefit more if it leaves the Economic Association Agreement (EPA) signed in 2008, to engage in a new negotiation that allows it to deal with the specific issues of interest.

“Without a doubt, with an agreement like that, your country would get more out of it,” the lawmaker said, quoted by El Dia.

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