Local June 4, 2018 | 12:50 pm

21 deputies have yet to file financial statement


Santo Domingo.-  A check of the list of deputies and ex-deputies was determined that of 69 who’ve yet to file their financial statement, 21 are active legislators.

According to the Juan XXIII Center and PUCMM University, of those, 14 are deputies to the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) and one overseas.

The deputies in exercise pending declaration are Elvin Antonio Fulgencio, Jacqueline Montero, José Isidro Rosario, Pedro Antonio Tineo, Radhames Camacho and Tulio Jiménez Díaz.

More than 3,500 officials and former municipal officials have yet to filed their financial statement, which violates Law 311-14, which also applies to a group of 69 deputies and ex-deputies, according to the Social Laboratory P. José Antonio Esquivel.

The watchdog group says that of a total of 3,601 public servants and ex-servants, 3,528 (98%) have not submitted their statement, according to the Accounts Chamber’s report to the Justice Ministry sent last April 2.

“Of these 1,839 are located in city halls (mayors, deputy mayors, aldermen, treasurers, members) and 1,689 in municipal boards (with similar posts),” the bulletin says.


Meanwhile, 61 officials and former public officials filed their statements late, a violation to the 30-day period provided by Law 311-14.

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