Local June 11, 2018 | 2:37 pm

Presidency hopeful lists regrets on corruption cases

F. Domínguez, File

Santo Domingo.- Former Justice minister Francisco Dominguez on Sunday said he’s not interested in the political support from people linked to drug trafficking and corruption.

Even from ruling PLD party colleague, senator Felix Bautista, whom he charged with embezzlement: “No, I’m not interested; I don’t want support for anything that implies issues that for me are contrary to what I believe and the values ​​I profess.”

He reiterated that he’s convinced that Bautista committed fraud as a government official, , as well as others in the case “archived” by the Supreme Court.

The former official stressed that the ruling “was already made,” as they behind his decision not to appeal. “Everything was reverted and the decisions were taken by people who didn’t have the slightest impartiality.”

He said with that case he was too decent and respectful and if it had been less ‘classic’ he perhaps would’ve had better results.”

He added that his role was to indict those who committed illicit acts. “If someone got angry, I’m sorry. I fulfilled my work and my duty.”

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