Local June 15, 2018 | 8:42 pm

Dominican Republic’s Greens one week at anticorruption camp

M. Robles. File.

Santo Domingo.- The the beat of merengue and domino tables for the long haul, the Green March’s tent remains in ​​the Centro de los Heroes district of government buildings, to demand an end to impunity that has allowed some politicians and businessmen to profit at the expense of the people through fraud against the State.

“For us, this green camp for dignity and hope is a source of light,” said Green March leader Manuel Robles.

With the Odebrecht case as a rallying cry, the camp was installed in front of ​​the Supreme Court of Justice Ministry building next to Congress.

“We expresses Dominican society’s rejection to the unacceptable mockery of the Dominican Government through the Justice Ministry in the Odebrecht case,” according to the activist,

The Greens question that of 14 defendants initially charged, only the businessman Angel Rondón, the lawyer Conrado Pittaluga, former lawmakers Andrés Bautista and Jesús Vásquez, senator Tommy Galán, and former Public Works minister Víctor Díaz Rúa.

“There is nobody in this country who can believe that this case file responds to a real investigation,” said Robles.

“It’s no coincidence,” that the charges have been dropped against former Industry and Commerce minister, Temístocles Montás, senator Julio César Valentín and former State Electric Utility CEO Radhamés Segura, for being senior leaders of the ruling PLD party.”

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