Local July 12, 2018 | 5:11 pm

Environment chief denies resumed farming in National Park

A. Estevez.

Constanza, Dominican Republic.- Environment  minister Ángel Estévez, met Thur. with farmers displaced from Valle Nuevo National Park (central), to seek ways so they can work on land outside the protected area.

The announcement comes just two days after local media reported that Estevez would allow farmers to again work in the protected

“We have located some land, around 44 hectares that will be part of a comprehensive project that will allow them to produce with high technology to obtain high productivity,” Estevez told the dozens of farmers at the meeting in Constanza.

He denied the reports that he would allow farming within the national park but “together with you we will solve the problem that affects you so that you can start producing again.”

The official they will look for alternatives always thinking about people but also guaranteeing the protection of natural resources.

“Together with my team, this week, we will work to present a minimum project with 100,000 square meters of high-tech greenhouses so they can produce more and better than before,” he said.

He added that the Agricultural Bank will also help locate other lands “where we will implement new production models and convert farmers into new agricultural entrepreneurs.”

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