Local July 19, 2018 | 4:40 pm

Medina’s link to Brazilian convict smells of fish: Greens

Santo Domingo.-  The Movimiento Verde (Green March Movement) affirmed Thur. that the Government’s and the Chamber of Deputies’ refusal to investigate the link between president Danilo Medina and Brazilian convict Joao Santana is another reason for citizens who ‘seek to ouster “politico thieves” from Government, Congress and the high courts to participate in the March of the Million against corruption, set for Sun., August 12 in the National District.

The grassroots movement’s representatives said Medina and ruling party (PLD) maneuver to prevent the slightest exercise of transparency on Santana’s participation in the Government’s Communication and in the electoral campaigns of 2012 and 2016. “They leave no room for doubt about the collusion between the current tenure and Odebrecht’s multinational mafia.”

They said that in his letter to the Chamber of Deputies, Medina has annulled Congress’ oversight power with a stroke of the pen, and added one more case to the long list of shelved and blocked investigations into corruption scandals during the PLD’s tenure.

“Only the citizens mobilized in the street, in a peaceful but forceful way, will be able to stop the process of degradation and social and institutional destruction that the government of Medina and the PLD are imposing on the Dominican Republic,” the Greens said.

“We’re going to the Million March because the theft of Government and the kidnapping of Justice that the PLD has done is destroying our country, our present, our future and the future of our children,” they said.

The Greens add: “the March of the Million is for the citizens who are committed to put an end to the current regime of corruption and impunity and open the doors to an institutionality that benefits us all, and not only the current small group that assails us from the Government , the Congress and the high courts.”

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