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Reader: Construction next to a retirement home could be illegal


Santo Domingo.- A Dominican  Today reader has reached out to us to denounce wha they suspect is an illegal construction.

“This is occurring in Los Cacicazcos, Santo Domingo, near where president Danilo Medina lives.

“When going for a run in the morning I see some of the old persons from the retirement (home) taking a walk. But no more since this construction began.   The public sidewalk next to the home was destroyed and no protection was put on- to even minimally protect the home.

“The constructor posted no information regarding contact information or any other information, and seemed in a big hurry.

“There was even a serious incident when construction trucks blocked the access of an ambulance to the retirement home.  As a result the owner went to complain to the authorities, but they noticed nothing happened, so obviously there is some corruption going on.

“This information was communicated to the office of the Alcadía (City Council), and to a high level of the office of the Departamento de Planeación Urbana y Espacio Público.  This office is in charge.

“I received a Whattsup copy of the exchange and this time they came to see the construction site (attached photo).

“Once again nothing the construction has continued……

“Last but not least, buildings are limited to 5 floors, but the construction workers have said the building is planned to be 10 stories, which is not allowed in this area.

“They are building without permit, but will the corrupt official provide retroactively a construction permit? With this experience I have seen firsthand the magnitude of corruption, and the fact citizens are afraid to fight it.

“This is a further response by the government agency responsible for this.


City’s response in Spanish

Nuevas actualizaciones sobre el reporte Han dejado sin acera a un asilo de ancianos

“Muchas gracias por habernos enviado un reporte a través de Cuido Mi Ciudad. Me complace informarle que nuestro equipo de la Dirección de Defensoría y Uso de Espacios Públicos no encontró infracción alguna. Seguimos trabajando por una mejor ciudad, y habiendo reportado un problema nos ha ayudado a servirle mejor y cumplir con nuestro Compromiso con la Ciudad. Para consultas sobre este u otro reporte, puede comunicarse a Cuido Mi Ciudad al teléfono 829-893-8000 y uno de nuestros oficiales le atenderá. ADN State changed to: Arreglado”

Maria Dicen

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