Local August 24, 2018 | 12:59 pm

Most Dominicans in Manhattan reject Medina’s reelection

New York.- The majority of Dominicans surveyed in Manhattan reject president Danilo Medina reelection bid for the 2020 polls, according to  the popular TV program, “Equipo los 6” (Team the 6)

The poll among 603 randomly selected people from Aug.18 to 22 took into account the profile of the people, accent when speaking, the areas with a high Dominicans populated, regardless of sex, political affiliation, age, profession, religion, color, or region.

They were asked: Would you, as a Dominican, agree that president Danilo Medina should seek reelection for 2020? 396 (65.67%) Dominicans rejected it; 153 (25.37%) supports it; and 54 (8.96%) didn’t want to comment.

In Upper Manhattan, the sector with the highest Dominican population , 147 (68.69%) doesn’t want Medina’s reelection; 44 (20.56%) agrees; and 23 (10.75%) did not respond.

Medina has lost in New York City the two elections for the presidency.

According to the Central Electoral Board (JCE) the city currently lists 124,556 Dominicans eligible to vote.

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