Local September 10, 2018 | 2:23 pm

Judge reopens a Puerto Plata beach but cops drag feet

Puerto Plata.- A court ruled to reopen El Encuentro beach in Sosua, after a company to closed its access to beachgoers with the intention of privatizing it.

Puerto Plata 2nd Civil Chamber judge Adriana Vásquez ruled for the plaintiffs -the Aquatic Sports Association-, and ordered the defendant not to impede the free access to the public domain.

The court also ordered Calpe, represented by Sigurd Sandvik and Mesa Investment Ltd. C x A to pay a fine of RD$50,000 for each day they fail to comply.

Weak authorities

Acting on the court ruling, several Tourism Police officers arrived at the site with a front-end loader to open the road, but only removed the fence and stones, and left the trees on the road.

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