Local September 27, 2018 | 7:27 pm

Dominican outlet uncovers Haiti-Chile human trafficking ring

Haitians stranded in Brazil. File

Santo Domingo.- In the heels of a series of reports by Diario Libre on people trafficking from and to the country, the Haitian government recalled some Embassy staff in the Dominican Republic, especially those in passport services.

“The Haitian Embassy in the Dominican Republic has the honor to kindly ask you to have members of the diplomatic staff in the Passport Service, including the seizure officers and liaison officers of the Interior Ministry and the Territorial Communities, to go immediately to Port -au-Prince to make yourself available to their Foreign Affairs Ministry superior,”  the newspaper reports.

Another missive informs that the personnel will have to travel to Port-au-Prince on September 28, for which they will have a bus from the Embassy.

Embassy staff confirmed that the consultation is part of the investigations initiated by the Haitian Government as a result of the investigation published by Diario Libre entitled “Trafico Impune” (traffic impunity), which in one of its four reports reveals the operation of a mafia that smuggles Dominicans to Chile by passing them off as Haitians and for which they forge birth certificates and passports.

The exposé “From Hispaniola to Chile: the mafia of the other American dream” also found the possible involvement of Haitian officials and diplomats in that ring.

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