Local October 9, 2018 | 8:25 am

After bus walkout snarls traffic, Gov. won’t ‘allow’ it

J.R. Peralta

Santo Domingo.- Administrative minister, José Ramón Peralta, on Mon. warned that the Government won’t let any sector to alter public order or obstruct transit, after yesterday’s bus strike did just that.

Interviewed in the National Palace, Peralta stressed that dialogue is the only way left to those sectors is. “We cannot take away from some transport sectors that have lived their lives, sometimes living through policies based on blackmail.”

According to Peralta, there’s a need to proceed in a clear manner “to know that the resources that are consigned in the budget product of fuels is something that comes from decades.”

He said the revenue from Hydrocarbons Law 112-00 goes to education, health, salaries and “everything that has to do with the development of the State.”

“It would be an irresponsibility of the Government to repeal this, to satisfy demands that are circumstantial, regardless we call the transport sector to follow the dialogue, which is what corresponds, because as I said before, we will not allow the alteration of public order, under no circumstances, nor the interruption of traffic,” the official said.

He said if they seek options, the Hydrocarbons Law could be amended.

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