Local October 23, 2018 | 3:51 pm

Medina the favorite in a ‘very bad’ country: poll

Homemakers protest today and just about every day. Photo elnuevodiario.com.do

Santo Domingo.- A survey by pollster Newlink Research says that president Danilo Medina is the favorite candidate for the 2020 election with 19.9%.

The survey made from October 11 to 15 with 750 people, 62.9% women and 37.1% men, asked to evaluate the image of the candidates:

19.9% ​​Danilo Medina

18.6% Leonel Fernández

17% Luis Abinader

12.9% David Collado

8.1% Hipólito Mejía

3.6% Francisco Domínguez Brito

1.9% Andrés Navarro

1.7% Ito Bisonó

1.4% Gonzalo Castillo

1.2 Francisco Javier Garcia

4.2% Other

23% None

The surprising contradiction however is that despite Medina’s relative popularity, 52.4% of the people surveyed perceive the country’s situation as bad or very bad.

29.5 Very bad

40.05% Regular

22.9% Bad

5.4% Good

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