Local October 26, 2018 | 3:58 pm

Next Monday’s strike organizers want Medina out

E. de Leon. c. File

Santo Domingo.- For the second time in as many weeks the citizens movement that is staging the sit-ins and human chains are demanding that president Danilo Medina step down.

On Fri. the organizations announced their support for the strike called for the north region next Monday.

It said the strike called by the Cibao Organizations and Social Movements Coordinator is to demand lower fuel prices and for Congress to impeach Medina on corruption.

The statement emailed by social activist Enrique de Leon calls on the population to express its rebuke of Medina’s administration through all forms of protests, from sit-ins, human chains and regional marches, to nationwide walkouts.

“If the people take to the streets demanding that Danilo Medina go, the president will not have another choice but to leave office, because it’s impossible to govern with the people against you in a society that proclaims itself democratic and respectful of the rule of law.”

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