Local October 30, 2018 | 1:26 pm

Sectors demand lights on busy Las Americas highway

Photo courtesy of abelquezada.com

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.- East region taxi, tourism transport  and public bus drivers, housewives and merchants on Tues. demanded that the electricity distributor utility EDEESTE install street lights along the busy Las Americas highway.

They said the lack of lighting increases fatal accidents, robberies of vehicles and passengers, the theft of electrical and telephone cables.

“From the 29 kilometer marker until the Juan Carlos bridge, there is not a single power line with a light bulb, a situation that is exploited by criminals to commit their misdeeds,” said drivers quoted by Hoy.

They warn that if the highway isn’t lit, the sectors in and around Boca Chica will take to the streets in the coming days to draw president Danilo Medina’s attention

“For us it is something unusual that being the highway of Las Americas the route of greater flow of movements of tourists towards the different points of the Eastern zone of the country, doesn’t count on a system of suitable illumination that allows the safe movement of the vehicles and protection to its occupants,” the locals said.

They add that there have been 63 traffic accidents in Las Americas just this year, resulting in the death of 29 people.

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