Local November 2, 2018 | 6:20 am

Squatters evicted from National Park threaten to return

Constanza, Dominican Republic.-  Farmers evicted from the villages within Valle Nuevo National Park (center) on Thurs. threatened to reoccupy those lands, if they aren’t relocated soon, as promised by the Environment Ministry.

Farmer-activist Norberto Rosario (Mingo) said despite the nearly two years after being evicted, they have yet to be presented with any form of livelihood.

In a statement quoted by Diario Libre, Rosario said that many people are going hungry.

He said several farmers are desperate because they have nothing to eat, while others have been detained by soldiers who guard the protected area. “If they – the Government – have nothing for us, then we will occupy those lands again.”

Dozens of families of squatters were evicted and agriculture was halted as part of the Environment resolution dated September 2016.

One year after, 51 families from those villages were relocated to the new settlement, Villa Poppy.

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