Local November 9, 2018 | 11:32 am

Wayward crocs and snakes find a home in the Zoo)

Santo Domingo.- In recent weeks the National Zoo has become home to four new reptiles: two American crocodiles and two pythons.

Since their respective arrivals after panicking the locals, all four have been placed in quarantine to ensure their being free of diseases and haven’t contracted a virus in their previous surroundings.

Although Listin Diario reporters weren’t allowed to see any of the reptiles, due to restricted passage to the area, Zoo spokeswoman, Dahianna Maríñez, said they are making progress.

She added that at least the crocodile “Coqui,” the first of the foursome to arrive, should be out of quarantine in the coming days.

“Whenever they bring a species from outside it’s normal procedure to place them in quarantine as a protective, preventative process since both in captivity and those from the outside can harbor unwanted contamination or be incubating a disease that is not showing visible symptoms,” Maríñez, said.

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