Local December 13, 2018 | 2:06 pm

Adulation mars groundbreaking to expand busiest port

Samuel Conde, president of DP World Caucedo, V. Gomez, E. Ramirez.

Santo Domingo.- Amid groundbreaking to expand DP World Caucedo Port, the heads of the Port Authority (Apordom) and of Customs expressed praise for the hot-button topic of reelection in president Danilo Medina’s presence.

“When the ship sails from the port and goes sailing with a captain with the experience and with the stability with which you have taken this boat called Dominican Republic, it is impossible, it would be a suicide to change captain in the middle of the crossing,” Port Authority director Víctor Gomez said of Medina’s reelection

Similar brown-nosing last March 16 cost Gomez the post of PR of the pro-government PRD party, fired by its president Miguel Vargas.

For Ramírez, the country would not be taking concrete steps to become “the next Singapore of the Caribbean,” without Medina.

“If the Dominicans don’t allow President Medina to continue for another term, they would regret not having the world’s next Singapore in the Caribbean.”

Diario Libre reports that Medina, who did not speak at the event, applauded Ramírez’s remarks, but not Gomez’s.

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