Local December 13, 2018 | 7:54 am

Ivanka, Kushner stiff the US for US$58K in Dominican vacation: Quartz

Santo Domingo.- A weekend in August at a luxury Dominican Republic resort by the daughter of US president Donald Trump, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner cost American taxpayers over US$58,000, outlet Quartz reports.

Quoting a White House spokesperson the outlet reports that “the couple covered their own costs for what was a “personal trip,” but taxpayers were on the hook for hotel expenses for the security detail.”

It cites federal spending documents as showing a US$32,064 payment made by the government on Aug. 3, 2018. “The reason listed: “VIP VISIT AMANERA RESORT RIO SAN JUAN.”

“Four days later, on Aug. 7, the State Department’s bureau of diplomatic security made a separate payment for US$26,280 through the US embassy in Santo Domingo, for reasons identified simply as “HOTEL RESERVATION.”

Quartz adds that no specific property was listed, “but this payment also appears to be connected to the stay at the Amanera.”

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