Local December 28, 2018 | 12:52 pm

The police kill inmate who escaped from Nagua hospital

Agents of the National Police exchanged gunshots with Jorge Gabriel Báez Abreu, the inmate who escaped spectacularly from a hospital in Nagua, where he was taken for treatment of alleged ailments.

“Units of the DICRIM and the preventive made contact in the community of Las Lavas, Villa González with the fugitive Jorge Gabriel Báez Abreu linked to the case of the prisoner’s escape who was on his way to a hospital in Nagua,” the police informed in their account on the social network Twitter.

The inmate was serving a 30-year sentence issued in 2015 by a court in Puerto Plata, for attempted murder against the citizens Henry Natanael Veras López and Pedro Parra Almonte.

The judges of the collegiate court determined that the inmate serve his sentence at the San Felipe Correctional and Rehabilitation Center in Puerto Plata, but he was transferred to the prison of the Olegario Tenares Fortress in Nagua, province of María Trinidad Sánchez.

Armed men broke him out of the hospital to which he was brought in Nagua, after disarming his custodians. The criminals left the hospital shooting and fled in an SUV.

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