Local January 3, 2019 | 3:33 pm

Over 18,000 homes improved

Rising value

The National Institute of Housing (INVI) concluded this year 2018 with a record of 18,706 homes receiving new construction, repairs, sanitary facilities, change of flooring by cement floor and replacement of coal and firewood for gas stoves and cylinders, during the second year of management, by the engineer Mayobanex Escoto.

This year, the institution built 925 new homes, repaired 1,101 homes and installed 160 health service units.

Currently, 1,135 new homes, 1,170 improvements and 9,801 installations of cement floors are in the execution stage.

As part of the achievements of the management of engineer Escoto during this second period in charge of INVI, the delivery of 11,421 stoves and the same number of gas cylinders and regulators that concluded this Christmas season benefiting some 37,689 people and declaring five municipalities and seven municipal districts “Libre de Fogones,” says a statement.

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