Local January 4, 2019 | 8:06 am

Normal operations of consulates in DR despite US government closure

The consular services offered by the United States Government in the Dominican Republic are operating normally, as was confirmed yesterday.

The US embassy announced TODAY that although the federal government remains closed during this period of interruption of the allocation of funds, the scheduled services of passport and visa will continue to be provided without disruption as much as possible.

José González, who sought services at the office of the American consulate in Plaza 360, had no difficulty.
“Everything is normal here, anyone who has an appointment enters without major difficulties,” said González, who arrived at the scene from San Cristóbal.

Robert de la Rosa made the appointment he had scheduled to obtain a visa and had no problems.
He pointed out that despite the announcement of a partial closure of the United States Government, he was taken care of by consular staff, so he returned home satisfied.
Porfirio de Jesús went to the Consulate, on Avenida República de Colombia, to pick up his passport after receiving a visa.

In the 360 Gallery Square, the citizens waited while sitting in the living room, while the staff let those who had apointments pass by. This was also the situation at the headquarters, on Avenida República de Colombia, where people waited in the vicinity, under umbrellas.

The measure affects nine departments (State, Agriculture, Trade, National Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, Transportation, and Treasury) and agencies under its umbrella.

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