Local January 24, 2019 | 10:18 am

Immigration detains 781 foreigners, deports 650

Santo Doming.- The Immigration Agency on Wed. said it deported 650 foreigners of 781 detained during raids conducted in six provinces and the National District.

“In these operations, different sectors of Azua, La Vega, Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Montecristi, Santiago and Valverde provinces were intervened,” Immigration said in a statement.

It said its inspectors backed by military personnel and Justice Ministry officials conducted the raids. “Prior to these operations, intelligence work was carried out in the aforementioned provinces, which allowed locating foreigners in an irregular situation.”

It adds that of the 781 arrests, 175 occurred in Santiago, 86 in Valverde, 237 in La Vega, 49 in the National District, 10 in Azua, 137 in Nagua, and 87 in Montecristi.

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