Local February 15, 2019 | 1:32 pm

Dominican Republic police chief balks at US travel warning

Santo Domingo.- National Police director Ney Aldrin Bautista on Fri. called on US authorities to be “more responsible,” after the US State Dept. warned of risks when visiting the Dominican Republic, urging  its citizens to “be alert to the possibility of violent crimes, such as robbery, murder and sexual assault, as they are common.”

“You’re going to tell me that we have high (crime) levels that can prevent people from visiting here. For the love of God, let’s be a little more responsible and for us to support our country more,” said Bautista, after a mass in the Cathedral of America.

The official noted that his country is within the higher safety levels in travel advisories.

“This is the Colonial Zone and it’s full of tourists, ask if they feel threatened. We’re going out tonight to the bars of the Capital for you to see if it’s true or a lie because that’s the reality,” said Bautista, quoted by diariolibre.com.

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