Local February 22, 2019 | 9:14 am

Customs to tax pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements ‘legally’

Santo Domingo.-  Customs director Enrique A. Ramírez met Thursday with representatives of the pharmaceutical, vitamins and supplements sector to discuss the application of the Itbis tax (VAT) on their products.

He said the levying of the Itbis on those products is stipulated in the Tax Code, which “specifically indicates exempted medicines in its article 343, even though administratively and by means of a circular of 2007, it was not being applied.”

Ramirez’s statement responds to a comment by one of the participants in the meeting, who noted that Customs isn’t authorized to charge the Itbis without justification.

“That doubt was clarified, not only in relation to this but before as many interpretations,” Customs says in a statement.

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