Local February 28, 2019 | 12:51 pm

Daring thugs holdup 30+ people in upscale sector, 2 arrests


Santo Domingo.-

The park of the upscale Las Praderas sector, the site of a daring armed holdup of over 30 people Sunday afternoon, according to reports, was totally devoid of joggers and pedestrians early Monday morning as a result.

On Thurs., the National Police announced two arrests with a third suspect still on the loose.

During the morning hours, dozens of residents usually walk around the popular park, but only a few ventured out early Thursday including the cleaning crew.

The tennis and basketball courts, where youngsters usually practice sports, were also desolate.

In a quote to Diario Libre, resident Miguel Almánzar went out for his usual stroll today, offered one of the park’s weaknesses is that it can be accessed by several pedestrian entrances which in his view makes it easy for thugs to escape.

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