Local March 15, 2019 | 4:47 pm

‘Observatory’ could harm freedom of expression: newspapers warn

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Society of Diaries president, Persio Maldonado, on Fri. warned that the creation of the Social Networks Observatory by the Central Electoral Board could affect the right to freedom of expression.

In his view the editor in chief of El Nuevo Diario the method isn’t effective because it’s neither unclear nor an easy task to determine when information in social networks is false or true.

“Any intention that the information is true would find a better response with good communication from the Board and the parties because we could be transgressing areas that touch the rights of freedom of expression and there is always a risk,” he said.

Maldonado said the media should collaborate with the Central Electoral Board to ensure that fake news isn’t spread, while protecting the citizens’ right to express themselves freely.

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