Local April 5, 2019 | 8:05 am

Supreme Court taps 9 new justices, ratifies 3

Santo Domingo.- The National Magistrate Council (CNM) on Thurs. announced the names of the Supreme Court justices, as the result of weeks of evaluations.

The CNM said that nine new judges were elected and three others confirmed.

New Justices:

Vanesa Acosta Peralta

Samuel Arias Arzeno

Anselmo Alejandro Bello

Napoleón Esteves Lavandier

María G. Garabito

Luis Henry Molina Peña

Justiniano Montero Montero

Nancy Salcedo Fernández

Rafael Vásquez Goico.

Justices confirmed:

Francisco Antonio Jerez

Fran Soto

Manuel Ramón Herrera Carbuccia

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