Local April 16, 2019 | 3:03 pm

Medina calls for “deep reflection” and the avoidance of excesses during Holy Week

El presidente Danilo Medina

Santo Domingo (EFE). – On Monday, president Danilo Medina called on the population to observe a “deep reflection” during the Holy Week and to avoid the excesses “that can bring restlessness and pain to our families.”

The governor urged people who will travel to the interior of the country during the holiday to “comply with the instructions” of the operation that will start from Thursday the emergency authorities “to avoid unwanted situations.”

Finally, he hoped that after Holy Week “we will return to our usual tasks with a strengthened spirit, greater energy, and faith, with renewed hope to move towards the achievement of a better country.”

According to information offered yesterday by the director of the Emergency Operations Center (COE), Juan Manuel Méndez, it is expected that more than 4 million people will travel to different parts of the country during Holy Week.

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