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“El Cachón de la Rubia”, a beautiful hideaway in Santo Domingo Este

El Cachón de la Rubia

The residents of the municipality of Santo Domingo Este have a surprisingly beautiful and accessible retreat where they can go for a good dip without having to pay a toll or cross a bridge during the days off for the holiday of Easter.

Mirador Cachón de la Rubia Park, located in the Lucerna sector, northeast of the city of Santo Domingo, is the ideal getaway to spend a pleasant time with the family. Consider this article an invitation if you are not from the area.

One of the main attractions of the park is the pool with crystal clear waters. With little depth is enabled for the enjoyment of all the public, the current of groundwater feed the river, which flows into the Isabela.

Several locals say that the natural reserve is the best option for Easter since they do not face the often heavy traffic on the roads out of the city. This reserve is a quiet place and guarded by officers of Environment and Civil Defense.

Adults, children, young people, and even pets come to enjoy the attractions of the area, relax under the shade of trees with long blankets spread on the grassy grounds and a pair of speakers with music to enliven the experience.

The locality is perfect to spend an afternoon with family, go on a picnic, build a tent or ride a bike, among other outdoor activities.

As a natural reserve, the Cachón de la Rubia aims to protect and guarantee the conservation of the multiple springs that originate in the area, tributaries of the Ozama River, and especially the aquifer that crops out on the site.

The place has exuberant and varied native flora: Mahogany, Javilla, Campeche, Ceiba, Grallumo, Guama, Royal Palm, among other varieties. Within its fauna, you can find the Water Duck, the Gallareta, the Kingfisher, the Huron, the Cigua Palmera, the Rolita and the Carpenter Bird. Also in the springs, we can find tilapia, guabina, trout, shrimp, crayfish, and crabs.

Admission is free, alcoholic beverages and glass containers are not allowed. Visitors are asked to cooperate with cleaning and supervise children between the ages of two to five years. It can be reached by vehicle to the riverbank.

The visitors can arrive from 8 am to the park with their swimsuits and beach blankets to spend a pleasant day escaping the hot weather that whips Greater Santo Domingo in the days between April and August.

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