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El Parque del Este, alternative option for those who do not want to get away from the city

El Parque del Este

It is not necessary to leave the city this Easter in search of a space for recreation, go out with the family and practice sports activities. The Parque del Este is one of the best options for those who live in Greater Santo Domingo, with long stretches of green meadow, sports courts, and areas suitable for children to play.

All this makes it an ideal space to share with family and friends, enjoy its beautiful landscape and rich tropical vegetation.

Located in the Eastern area of ​​Santo Domingo, right next to the Columbus Lighthouse, the Mirador del Este Park is one of the main green areas of the country.

It is the perfect place to practice cycling, skateboarding, skating or putting together sports tournaments with the family. A locale that is always accessible to the public to spend a fun afternoon.

The majority of the visitors affirmed to reporters of LISTÍN DIARIOS that it is a good option to enjoy nature without getting too far away from the city.

In this park, food or coolers with non-alcoholic drinks are permitted. Glass bottles are not allowed for safety concerns.

The area is guarded by agents of the National Police, who have motorized patrols and make frequent trips around the grounds. Pets are allowed and no fees are charged.

The park occupies six square kilometers and features seven sports halls: Volleyball Pavilion, Football Field, Weightlifting Pavilion Dr. José Joaquín Puello, Lawn Hockey Stadium, Field Tennis Courts, Table Tennis Pavilion, Shooting Range of Arco, Gymnastics Pavilion.

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