Local April 27, 2019 | 7:41 am

Rains will be scarce and temperatures will be hot

The drought continues. Conserve water!

The rains will be scarce today due to the effects of a high-pressure system, low concentrations of humidity and high temperatures, only occasional squalls could be registered in some towns of the northeast and southeast regions, where there will be cloudy increases, according to the National Office of Meteorology (ONAMET).

Forecasts call for hot temperatures during the daytime hours and pleasant and cool at night, mostly in mountain areas.

The population is urged to take measures that guarantee the rationing and sensible conservation of water, to avoid shortage of liquid due to the seasonal drought that continues affecting the south, southwest and northwest regions.

ONAMET forecasts for Santo Domingo province to remain clear and rains will be scarce.
While predictions for the National District indicate there will be scattered clouds and rains will be scarce, good to visit beaches and spas.

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