Local May 1, 2019 | 8:00 am

Archbishop downplays tiff with the President

F. Ozoria.

Santo Domingo.- Santo Domingo archbishop Francisco Ozoria, on Tues. said peace and harmony reign between the church and the government.

“There are communications media that want to put us to fight,” Ozoria said at a ceremony in a private cemetery.

The prelate recently labeled as worrisome and regrettable the situation of the country’s justice system and the lack of independence of govt. branches, which could lead to a dictatorship, “if it doesn’t wake up and changes.”

Easter Sermon

During the Sermon of Eastern Friday, the Catholic Church lashed out at Medina’s administration for the “petty” intentions to perpetuate itself in their positions, “regardless that in order to achieve it, the Constitution must be trampled once again.”

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