Local May 3, 2019 | 10:35 am

A mistrusting population justifies tax evasion

Dominican Republic.- Economy minister Isidoro Santana, affirmed Thurs. that the lack of trust in institutions and in government has become a serious problem that affects society, which in turn encourages tax evasion, which the population has come to justify.

“Massively the population justifies tax evasion. It is no longer just that people are willing to evade them. The degree of mistrust has reached such a level that people now justify it and say it publicly and forgive everyone who does it. Those are the things we have to change,” the official said

Santana added: “it’s essential that people understand that this is their State, that they must respect it, comply with its laws, that it must support and finance it, because that will depend on the availability of public services that can be provided, and the needs the population for its daily life and to progress.”

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