Local May 28, 2019 | 12:02 pm

Authorities seize arsenal, one arrest

Santo Domingo.- The authorities confiscated firearms of various calibers, ammunition, military supplies, as well as a white powder presumably cocaine, during a raid of a residence in Villa Tapia, northern Mirabal province, the Justice Ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

It said prosecutors in coordination with National Police Antinarcotics agents carried out the raid in which José Primero Matías Hernández (Joselito) was arrested, who was charged and is pending arraignment.

“During the raid five rifles were seized, of which four do not have numbers or series; seven shotguns 12 mm; two revolvers, one caliber 38 mm and another caliber 44; a 22 mm caliber pistol with magazine and six capsules; 34 cartridges, 37 45 mm caliber capsules, and 13 pistol clips of calibers 9 and 22 mm, all in the main room of the house.”

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