Local June 10, 2019 | 1:07 pm

Boston Red Sox sent air ambulance to fly David Ortiz to US: report

Barack Obama has sent a message of hope

Santo Domingo.- Prominent sports journalist Enrique Rojas on Mon. said the Boston Red Sox have sent an air ambulance to transfer David Ortiz to the US. He said the doctors would authorize his transfer based on his “robust” condition…

More information as available…

File.- National Police spokesman Frank Duran on Monday said the investigation into the shooting against David Ortiz advances with one suspect, Eddy Feliz Garcia, in custody and have seized the motorcycle he and the other perpetrator were  driving.

He said they look for another suspect in the shooting of the former Major League Baseball player and television host Joel Lopez.

The incident occurred when the former Boston Red Sox slugger was in a night club in Santo Domingo Este, where two men showed up on the motorcycle and shot Ortiz once in the back.

Local media report that one of the men on the motorcycle approached Ortiz and fired once, but the bullet also injured Lopez.

When the assailants tried to escape on the motorcycle they fell and were attacked by bystanders, but one of them managed to escape on foot.

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