Local June 13, 2019 | 8:46 am

Presidency hopeful: lawmakers are being paid to amend Constitution

Santo Domingo.- Opposition party (PRM) presidential hopeful Luis Abinader, on Wed. said there are sectors that are offering money to legislators from all parties in exchange for a constitutional reform.

“There are groups trying to buy votes from legislators from all parties,” he said.

“We have reports that there is a group that is doing that, we are doing the investigation to talk with details and with exact proof, they are offering sums since if you had asked a while ago that was not happening but if (so),” Abinader said interviewed in the El Día program.

“We are following up on those who are making the offers, who know that this will have consequences, national and international consequences, who buys and who sells,” he said.

He assured that until now no PRM legislator has accepted the offers. “We have to make a different country and not accept that kind of situation and we have to put a barrier to this kind of shamelessness that does not happen again.”

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