Local June 17, 2019 | 8:58 am

NY Daily News: DEA joins investigation into David Ortiz shooting

New York.- The New York Daily News revealed Sun. that the DEA has joined the investigation into the attack on former baseball player David Ortiz, because as the probe has uncovered the involvement of a major drug kingpin, and several small-time drug traffickers, some of them wanted by the United States.

It reports that when asked for comment the DEA spokesman simply replied that “the agency does not offer statements about investigations in progress.”

It reports that despite the official statement, a DEA source confirmed the assertion.

Current reports point to more arrests in the case with at least 12 people in custody and one still on the loose.

The Daily News adds that US law enforcement including the DEA, are actively involved in the investigation, and that a powerful Dominican drug lord would be connected to the attack. “Two police sources confirmed that the DEA is investigating the attack on Ortiz..”

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