Local July 17, 2019 | 9:52 am

Gambino-Sicily mob probe uncovers Dominican link: EFE

Carlo Gambino.Photo wikipedia

Rome.- A police operation that ended with the arrest of 18 people on the Italian island of Sicily and Thomas Gambino in New York has unveiled the new links between one of the Cosa Nostra families, the Sicilian Mafia, and the powerful Gambino family in United States, EFE reports.

A joint operation between the Palermo Police and the FBI resulted in 19 arrests on charges of conspiracy, aggravated extortion and fraudulent transfer of funds, among others.

In a statement the police said the investigation also uncovered new contacts between the mafia family of Passo di Rigano, in Palermo, and the notorious Gambino family of New York.

Among the evidence figure a video from August last year in which Thomas Gambino discusses with Tommaso Inzerillo on board a boat in the Gulf of Mondello (Sicily) on how to share the income from the sale of a plot of land in the Dominican Republic under the name of Frank Cali.

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