Local August 7, 2019 | 6:57 am

Doctors demand measures against dengue

SANTIAGO.- The management of the Dominican Society of Pediatrics (SDP), Santiago subsidiary, demanded that the authorities be more energetic in the implementation of the necessary measures to stop the spread of dengue cases. 

The president’s doctors Águeda Pichardo, of the subsidiary Santiago, and Marcos de Mota, of the scientific committee, say that it is necessary to develop a comprehensive prevention program to prevent the disease from continuing to take lives. 

The doctors consider that Public Health was neglected to guide the population to avoid the accumulation of water in uncapped and uncovered containers and implement other measures aimed at eliminating all the breeding sites where the transmitting mosquito is thriving.

However, Pichardo and De Mota clarify that dengue control is not only the responsibility of the government: doctors and citizens can also make great contributions.

The doctors discussed the issue during a meeting where the Pediatric Society announced the First Symposium on Pediatric Infectology “Reemergence of infectious diseases; globalization, chance, and carelessness.”

The scientific activity, to be held on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 of this month will feature the participation of exhibitors from the United States, Dominican Republic, and other countries. 

“It is our society’s commitment to education and the continuous updating of our pediatricians and the medical class in a general sense,” said Dr. Águeda Pichardo and Marcos de Mota.

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