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In 17 years the country registered 3.6 million births

About 212,241 children are born in the country per year, according to statistics.

Statistics. In the period 2001-2018, 661,233 people died. Marriages In 2018, 50 thousand people got married.

SANTO DOMINGO.- Between 2001 and 2018, 3,608,110 births were registered in the country, of which 601,608 (16.7%) were registered as late births at the Central Electoral Board, the National Statistics Office reported.

In that same period, 661,233 people died, of which 2.6% corresponds to the registry of deaths that occurred before 2001, and in 2018, 44,123 deaths occurred, of which 40,440 (91.7%) occurred in 2018 and 3,683 (8.3 %) in previous years.

Regarding violent and accidental deaths, from 2007 to 2017, 20,465 cases are counted, with 17,909 men and 2,555 women.

In that period in 2011, the greatest number of cases of deaths due to accidents and violence occurred with 1,862 men and 270 women, followed by 2015 with 1,703 deaths of men and 243 women.


The ONE records in its database that by the year 2018, 50,057 marriages were made, of which 45,421 (90.7%) were civil and 4,636 (9.3%) with religious ceremonies.

For the same year, 24,772 divorces were registered, of which 11,019 (44.5%) were caused by the incompatibility of characters and 13,753 (55.5%) were by mutual consent.

In 2017, a collaboration agreement was signed between the National Statistics Office and the Central Electoral Board, by Alexandra Izquierdo and Julio César Castaños Guzmán, through which a step was taken in the articulation of the National Statistical System, to joint efforts between the two institutions and improve the quality of statistics.

According to the director of the ONE, Alexandra Izquierdo, this has allowed the Central Electoral Board to electronically transfer the records of the vital facts for analysis and dissemination.

He argued that the information contained in the databases complies with the principle of statistical secrecy. The ONE made the information available to the population through its portal. Information

—1— Facility 
The ONE made available in its database the vital statistics for the period 2001-2018. 
—2— 2020 Census will carry out the National Population and Housing Census in 2020. 
—3— Traffic accidents continue to cause a high number of deaths.

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