Local September 10, 2019 | 11:15 am

Dominicans return en masse, voluntarily mostly from the US

Santo Domingo.- Dominicans who lived illegally in various countries, including the United States and Puerto Rico, have returned this year massively and voluntarily. Over half are women of different ages.

In addition to the US and Puerto Rico, they’ve also arrived with letters of route and others with normal documents, from Panama, Venezuela, San Martin, Martinique, Guadalupe, Chile, Argentina, France, Spain and other nations, El Nacional reports.

However, most arrive from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Panama and Spain, where many traveled with legal documents and visas, but remained longer than the time granted by the Immigration Services.

In the case of Puerto Rico, some of the nationals told Immigration authorities upon arrival, that they had been residing illegally on the island they reached by boats and in some cases with forged documents.

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