Local September 18, 2019 | 7:41 am

Dominican Republic has father and son kingpins

Jeifry del Rosario Gautier, Ramón Antonio del Rosario Puente “Toño Leña”

Santo Domingo.- Jeifry del Rosario Gautier, son of drug kingpin Ramón Antonio del Rosario Puente “Toño Leña” and one of the main leaders of a drug trafficking network operating in the Dominican Republic, used money laundering techniques that allowed him to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

All his coordinations were registered by US authorities who, in particular, point out conversations with two men who were in the United States and with whom he coordinated the delivery in the Dominican Republic of his profits in the world of drug underworld.

One of those conversations, cited in filings at the Southern District Court Florida, and quoted by Listin Diario, Jeifry discussed with one of the men the transfer of US$230,000 in cocaine profits in Miami.

“Del Rosario Gautier and an unidentified individual are discussing a common money laundering technique in which the US currency of drug proceeds is delivered to an individual in the United States, who, in turn, arranges for the currency is handed over to drug dealers in a foreign country,” the document says.

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