Local September 23, 2019 | 10:49 am

Santiago mayor lists reasons to reelect him

Santiago.-  Santiago mayor, Abel Martínez, said Sun. that his administration has managed to pull the city out of the sanitary emergency, the chaos, and turned it into a tourist attraction, urban development and planning which he affirms will be consolidated if he’s reelected to a second term.

He said that when he assumed City Hall, the heart city was described in Spain, the United States and other countries as a place not recommended to visit because of pollution caused by the Rafey landfill, the occupation of public spaces and disrespect in general.

“We arrived and an integral rescue of Santiago then began, collecting the garbage. Many people said: well, they throw it away; they make landfills; yes, but the citizen cannot store it in the fridge, nor under the bed; You have to pick it up. Then we established collection frequencies and divided Santiago into 12 sectors and in a few months we had already managed to clean it from landfills that were fixed.”

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