Local September 25, 2019 | 3:25 pm

The 4 laziest Dominican senators…


Santo Domingo.- With a RD$320,000 base salary (US$6,274) per month, not including perks, allowances and the so-called “barrel” that can reach nearly one million pesos in some cases, not all Dominican senators fulfill the activities that arise from their positions such as attendance at sessions or work commissions.

In fact there are cases like the senator of the ruling party (PLD) for Dajabón, Sonia Mateo, who rarely attends the work commissions since August 16, 2018.

In addition to Mateo, among the laziest senators of the PLD figure Pedro José Alegría Soto, with 11.30 hours; Prim Pujals Nolasco, with 12.10 hours; Cristina Lizardo Mézquita, with 13:30 hours; and Wilton Guerrero, with 14.25 hours, according to a list compiled by Diario Libre.

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